Kissing Knives

by Loner

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We go to seek a great perhaps We dig until our hands turn grey We run until our lungs collapse We gasp until our breathing fades The great mankind Destroying itself We built our own prisons We built our own cells There is no judgement There are no laws We stand by ourselves Trenched in flaws In the darkes hours Truth is to be told No god can save us There's no salvation for the cold The search will never end A labyrinth without doors We all have to understand The evident cause When minds are closed Belief is nigh We come alone And alone we die.
Darkness 03:13
Standing there, smoke runs out of my mouth Staring out the night, something is leaving me From my inside And reality just washed away day by day And I‘m just feeling save at night Because the faces that haunt me, I just see in the light Hiding in hell, kissing the knives Drowning in skies, living a lie And I Feel nothing, but love just in one night Feel nothing, but hope Just for one time Feel nothing, but everything and everything is just passing by I am Darkness
Coasts 03:37
Trying to keep feelings in my head, Are hard to bear sometimes, They won’t let me sleep, they won’t let me live, It feels like a masquerade and I should let it go. Because I’m sailing in this ocean of uncertainty, Without a guiding light through a haze which is making me blind Blind, for what is right and what is wrong, And with no sense of direction I’m sailing on to find these coasts Of my hopes and dreams for which I was searching for so long. My hearts tells me I should wait, but without any sign, this feeling starts to fade Sometimes I see a light, sent from the coast; and I’m still thinking maybe there is hope But you’re my anchor and you hold me back And I’m thinking the only right I can do now is to become one with the water, In the ocean of frustrations, and all my feelings are simply washed away by tide, So they will never reach you anymore.
Sometimes it feels like I’m waiting for a lifetime Waiting for the right time, that anything will change I’m searching for you, so tell me who you are and where you’ve been Because my body is buried in the frozen earth of December night And everything is covered with snow I chase a moment of clarity, which means the end of winter But the beginning of spring and something to hold on So where are you? And what will happen if we meet, if I feel your warmth first time? Maybe we fall in love, or maybe I fall in love alone again And as your sunlight slowly fades, I feel the cold of your embrace And only the winter will prevail I lost this moment of clarity, which means the end of spring And the beginning of winter and something to letting go And you’re shining face, only fading shades, it seems everything what dies awakes to new except our lives But I will hold on to this moment, something is waiting Next spring will come.


released February 10, 2013

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Benjamin 'Guido' Hermann.


all rights reserved



Loner BW, Germany

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